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Project Weeks 3 and 4: Holiday (Doubleplusgood!)

Back from my summer holiday.

I wanted to take it easy. So, basically I just watched a couple of movies such as Secret Window, Zen (a Japanese movie about Dogen, an important Zen monk), Good Bye Lenin and so on. And several episodes of the first season of Arrested Development. And some books (I’ve got several started but unfinished books): Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell, as a book as well as a movie (that featured John Hurt that will also be featuring the forthcoming Doctor Who 50th anniversary special). And tried to make a lot of music (in which I partially succeeded) and write something (in which I sort of failed).

For a strange reason, I’m starting to get into the dystopia mood once again. It’s perhaps because the world is full of bad news. The economy is almost falling apart and there are more and more wars. And of course, there is PRISM, NSA and other electronic surveillance organizations and projects.

For us Finns, this week has been something we never forget. Nokia that sold its mobile phone department to Microsoft. Which, from the Finnish point of view, was a shame because for about twenty years, Nokia was (and I hope still will be) one of the cornerstones of “true Finnishness”. There’s sauna, Sibelius, sisu – and there’s Nokia. It’s funny that small and technically irrelevant things still became part of the national identity. Now what?

Video of the week: For My Demons by Shining (a cover song, originally recorded by Katatonia). Thanks Laura_Kaarina for the tip!


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Project, Week 1


Books (Photo credit: henry…)

It’s been so damn hard to start my “read or create” project. Until this morning, I had no idea what to do this week. Moreover, I’ve had a “no computer” weekend, so I’ve only been using my brand new tablet and my phone. So, this morning, while having my morning coffee, I decided to buy some new e-books. And I chose one of them for today. “Zen Wrapped in Karma Dipped in Chocolate: A Trip Through Death, Sex, Divorce, and Spiritual Celebrity in Search of the True Dharma” by Brad Warner.

I’ve read (and I own) BW’s first book, “Hardcore Zen: Punk Rock, Monster Movies & the Truth About Reality” that is a half biography, half introduction-to-zen kind of book. And I absolutely love it as it’s a down-to-earth book about what zen is and what it is not.

Zen Wrapped… is actually BW’s third book. I deliberately skipped the second one as after some research, I decided it’s not really for me. Zen Wrapped is more like ‘what happened after I wrote my first book’ kind of a story. In short, the “moral of the story is”: ‘Even if BW is a so-called zen master who has done zen for twenty years, he still does stupid mistakes in his every-day life, thinks life is hard sometimes and worries a bit too much’.

Also, I bumped into two things that are close to my heart (heavy metal and Doctor Who) and one movie that I intend to watch this summer (Rashomon). Well, first, Randy Blythe, the vocalist for Lamb of God is into zen, too, so it was only natural for Brad to meet him. (Besides, “Redneck” by LoG is one of the metal songs recorded in the 2000s). And no, BW didn’t compare the Tardis  to the human mind (because the Tardis is “bigger on the inside”) but just mentioned the famous theme song of Doctor Who. If I was superstitious or religious, I would call these things “divine coincidences”. But they are just fine examples of how small the world is. Well, the world of entertainment, anyway.

Still, I’m slightly disappointed at the book. After the mind-blowing Hardcore Zen, this one was just ok. Nothing new, Who really cares who he has fallen in love with or how much he has f*cked them? There’s nothing wrong with sex, but I just thought that the very short sex scenes could have been written because the masculine side of BW wanted to boast “hey, check this out, I just had a lot of sex!” :D. But well, BW is sometimes a controversial character and nothing like a traditional, stereotypical zen master. He’s just a stupid human being like all of us.

I’d say this is good for those who have already read Hardcore Zen and now think “now what?” and “what has happened to Brad Warner ever since?” So: if you haven’t read Hardcore Zen yet, read it. Or not.

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Everything Is a Matter of Perception.

Thought Bubbles

Thought Bubbles (Photo credit: Michael Taggart Photography)

This summer has been weird. Weird in a good way, I think. Once again, it’s been a matter of “what do I want?” and “how do i get it?” and more often than usually “how do I feel?” During the two years I’ve been single, those questions have been hard for me. Sometimes even too hard, so I’ve tried to forget them and tried to live on. But well, there’s no way you can escape questions that important. Eventually, they will come back to you and you will have to deal with them.

One of the most important tools of introspection for me this year has been zen, or zazen, the meditation practice of zen. It’s not anything special. You sit down for twenty, thirty minutes, stare at the wall and well, listen to how stupid thoughts you actually have. Then again, there are no stupid thoughts, they are just thoughts. (But if thoughts could be stupid, this would be one of the most stupid ones ever.. :D)

What I’ve found out about me so far is 1) I still love music and it’s an integral part of my life, 2) the other parts of my life ain’t so bad either, 3) I like being single and living alone, 4) but it’d also be nice to find someone, 5) but I’m in no hurry and 6) does anyone really give a sh*t about these sorts of list, anyway?

For the rest of this evening, I’ll try to live in the moment. I’ll try not to think about yesterday or tomorrow. All that matters is this moment.

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