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It’s May, Right?!?

It’s May, I think.

Time goes by so fast, or far too slowly. And summer’s just around the corner here in Northern Finland. The temperature has been around 10 degrees Celsius lately, which is good but I prefer 20 degrees and not one degree more. The good thing is that the snow melted away a couple of weeks ago and the grass is already getting fresh green. But I’ve heard there are still places in Lapland with more than 75 cm of snow.

And I was right about this year. This year is getting more and more exciting month by month. And it’s not just about the attitude of trying to seize the day and to enjoy the moment. Well, that makes it easier to be happier. Everything’s still not in order in my life but I’ll try my best :).

By the way… It’s funny I’ve never shared this song before. Or have I? Panic Room – I Am a Cat. One of my absolute favourite songs this year.


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Help Us, Jebus! No More Snow, Please!

The weather is weird everywhere in the world. Too much snow for many of us, damnit.

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