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Storm Corrosion: Drag Ropes (New Video!)

Ooh yeah, this is exactly what I’ve needed after a weekend full of metal, Nuendo and so-called studio food. Storm Corrosion, a project by Mikael Åkerfeldt (Opeth) and Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) have finally had an official video out. It’s weird, non-metal, progressive, atmospheric, experimental, melodic, beautiful, confusing and much more.

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Another Fine Day…

City centre of Kemi, Finland Suomi: Kemin keskusta

City centre of Kemi, Finland Suomi: Kemin keskusta (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

…For Eternal Tears of Sorrow to start the recording sessions. It’s our seventh album and we will record the “basic tracks” by the end of the month: drums, guitars, bass. I just wish I knew when the single and the album are going to be out. Oh yeah, and the music video is going to be shot later this month, too. We’re busy, ain’t we?

Hello Kemi, hello Tico-Tico Studio, once again. Damn, we always miss the Snow Castle in Kemi.

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