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Doctor Who House and Jeeves?

Tired. That’s when you’re the most creative. I came up with some excellent ideas for new tv shows.

Now that House M.D. is about to end, it would be cool if Hugh Laurie teamed up with the Doctor Who team and became the twelfth Doctor. With Steven Fry, naturally. Imagine the possibilities!

Doctor Who House (Laurie) with Jeeves (Fry). Or Doctor Who Wooster (Laurie) with Jeeves. Or Doctor Who (Fry) with Doctor House (Laurie). Or Doctor Who Blackadder (Rowan Atkinson) with Doctor House (Laurie), Jeeves (Fry), and Baldrick (Tony Robinson).

Or would it be to hard for the universe to handle these scenarios? Will silence fall if any of these tv shows actually happens?

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TV Show of the Month: Torchwood

The Lost Files (Torchwood)

I’ve watched quite a lot of tv shows lately. Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, Person of Interest, Desperate Housewives (!). But the show of the past month has been Torchwood, a British science fiction show.

Torchwood is a bit like the X-Files meets Doctor Who. And lately, I’ve become a huge fan of the new Doctor Who show. And Torchwood is a DW spin-off. But unlike Doctor Who, Torchwood isn’t about a semi-immortal doctor who travels all around the galaxy and the space-time continuum. No, Torchwood is a team that solves… Err, mostly extraterrestrial but also some supernatural phenomena on Earth. Well now, that doesn’t sound so exciting, doesn’t it?

There is still something “sparkling” about the show, anyway. It could be Captain Jack Harkness, played by a wonderful Scottish-American actor, John Barrowman. Or more likely, it could be the Gwen Cooper, played by lovely, lovely Eve Myles.

So, let’s just call it an adult version of Doctor Who with some elements from the X-Files, right? Take it or leave it.

Now, supper, shower and off to bed. Nighty night and have a nice week!


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