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Saivo, Lapland and Melodic Death Metal

Cover of "Children of The Dark Waters"

Cover of Children of The Dark Waters

I’m listening the seventh album by Eternal Tears of Sorrow, called “Saivon Lapsi”. It’s finally been mastered and should be released in.. Well, I’ve stopped talking about exact dates or even wide estimations because nowadays, release dates seem to be quite flexible. And they are never ever up to us. Next year, that I can promise. Massacre Records say it’ll be out in late February in Central Europe, so… We’ll see.

For Children of the Dark Waters, we recorded “Vilda Mánnu”, the title song of our second album. Also this time, we re-recorded an old song. So,  when listening to Saivon Lapsi and this re-recorded song, I can’t help thinking “oh boy, we’ve changed during these years”. Which is not a negative thing at all. Most bands change, most bands have something new on their new albums. Yes, we have changed since our first album, too. We’re a bit angrier, a bit more symphonic, even a bit more melodic (if possible) but it’s still us. Wiser and older. Well, older, anyway.

Still, Saivon Lapsi (“The Child of Saivo”) closes one circle. It is the underworld of the Sami people (or the Saami people, both are acceptable) that were the theme of our second album. And now, the Vilda Mánnu theme and the Angelheart theme are drawn together. (I didn’t realize this until now, weird…) And we’ve had song titles in Northern Saami, Japanese, Irish, pseudo-Latin (Nocturne Thule), so I suppose it’s only natural to have song titles in Finnish, too. But no spoilers because as always, there are surprises on the album! 🙂

By the way, I hate categorizations, especially when people try to categorize bands I’m involved with. No, Eternal Tears of Sorrow are not a gothic metal band. And no, Eternal Tears of Sorrow are not a black metal band either. The accurate categorization would go something like “Symphonic melodic death metal with influences from many kinds of metal, including gothic metal, progressive metal, thrash metal, black metal, and so on…” In the end, we don’t care what people and the record companies call us or our music. Metal. Call us metal!


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The Rock / Metal Scene in Oulu in 2012?

Oulu "Sunset"

Oulu, the Jewel and the White Town of the North. Ten, maybe fifteen years ago, people used to call this a metal town. And why not, as we had some great bands such as Sentenced and Impaled Nazarene in the early 90s (and of course, also a bit later). Suddenly, dozens of new bands arose.

But in the 2000s, the scene calmed down, so to say. A lot happened in the underground, naturally, but nothing more. But fortunately, I’ve noticed the Oulu scene is finally getting more and more active. Maybe even more active than ever before…

The Oulu City Hall in Oulu, Finland, in the ev...

The Oulu City Hall in Oulu, Finland, in the evening. The City Hall was designed by Swedish architect J.E.Stenberg in 1885. Weather: −5 °C. Suomi: Oulun kaupungintalo illalla. Rakennuksen on suunnitellut ruotsalainen arkkitehti J. E. Stenberg vuonna 1885. Lämpötila: −5°C. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here are some bands that came to my mind. In alphabetical order. Yeah, I know these bands feature members that I know. But each bands really deserves to be mentioned, right?

  • Cvalda. A new, electronic rock band founded by Juha Kylmänen (Reflexion, For My Pain…), Lauri Tuohimaa (Embraze, For My Pain…, Charon etc.), Ilkka Leskelä (Embraze, Maple Cross, Reflection) and Mikko Kylmänen (Severe; Juha is his uncle). Video.
  • Dark Intervals. A new rock/pop solo project of Ilkka Harjula (Ignis Fatuus). Album.
  • Godlesson. SLayeR! People from Joint Depression and Bleak Crowd. I think I’ve already mentioned this band a couple of months ago. Video.
  • Grabulator. Hard rock, blues, southern rock featuring Speedy (Rautavaara). Video.
  • Ignis Fatuus. Dark progressive metal featuring  Jarmo Kylmänen (Eternal Tears of Sorrow, Rautavaara) who happens to be Juha’s brother and Mikko’s father (see Cvalda). Live video.
  • Joint Depression. Gothic progressive metal? Video.
  • Mors Subita. Melodic death/thrash, featuring Mika Lammassaari (Eternal Tears of Sorrow). Video.
  • Valentfoe. Progressive metal by people from Dark Flood, ZeroCrowd and Dawn of Relic. Video.

And of course, The Man-Eating Tree, Kalmah, Poisonblack, Catamenia, National Napalm Syndicate, Burning Point, Afterworld, Myon, Charon, Zero Nine, The Black League, of which many were actually formed in the Oulu area but not exactly in Oulu. But who cares?

Keep your eyes open and your ears clean as Oulu sounds heavier than ever before!
The video of the evening is ‘Nepenthe’ by Sentenced. Can you believe it’s 17 years since ‘Amok’, their third album?
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