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Music Videos!

You know, if you release something, why not release them properly. Here are the music videos for the new songs I released earlier this week.


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Swan Saivo & The Oulu Music Video Festival

The annual Oulu Music Video Festival will be held in three weeks and for the first time, Eternal Tears of Sorrow will be part of it.  Unfortunately our video “Swan Saivo” couldn’t make to the music video contest. Still, it will be shown there, I’m sure of that.

Here’s the video, just in case you don’t get to see it here in Oulu:


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The Devin Townsend Project: Epicloud

I’m not a fan of any band or musician. I’ve been hanging around musicians for twenty years and I know they’re all mortals. Some of them are really talented and gifted, though.

Devin Townsend is one of truly talented musicians. I bumped into his music in 1993 when I saw the music video for “In My Dreams with You” by Steve Vai. And I thought “wow, who is this guy, he can sing!” Years went by and I saw a music video for “Detox” by Strapping Young Lad. Must have been 1997 or something? It was an ok song, nothing special and it took me a while to realize it was Devin’s band.

Strapping Young Lad was an intensive band, which is why it took a long time for me to get into them. I listened to their music as well as Devin’s solo stuff. And his music slowly grew upon me. Well, it happens, it took me years to get into Opeth and Porcupine Tree, too.

S.Y.L. disbanded years ago. I suppose it became too big a thing for Devin to handle. I’m not sure. But the most important thing is that he still makes music. And as a matter of fact, he is more successful for ever.

Anyway, Devin has another album out. If the SYL albums are included, this is his twentieth album (!).  But what is Epicloud like? Well, this is the first impression I got before the album was officially released. An unofficial music video for “Lucky Animals”.

It was a funny video the first time. But then it just become annoying. (I don’t mind, though…) Too bad the song is not so much better either. It is catchy, that I can tell you, but also slightly annoying. Not bad but nothing special either. “There has to be  better songs on this album” I thought. And I was right.

Epicloud is not an intensive album as such. It is heavy at times but not extreme. And it’s not Ziltoid the Omniscient part 2 (it will be released in a year or two, perhaps).. Its atmosphere is quite close to the one on Ocean Machine: Biomech and Addicted. Which is definitely a good thing because Devin has already released a bunch of great extreme and intensive albums. I suppose this relaxed atmosphere has something to do with his personal life. Devin has had some problems, he has faced his demons and is now cool with them.

Devin Townsend - 2012.08.17

Devin Townsend – 2012.08.17 (Photo credit: Stephen Dyrgas)

What about the songs?

The album starts with Effervescent!, an a cappella song that is sort of a combination of a big gospel song and a song from a musical. A nice way to start an album.

Then comes True North. Enter Anneke van Giersbergen, one of my favourite female vocalists ever. There are a lot of great Dutch singers but no-one compares to Anneke! The song grows and becomes one of the best songs on the albums. A nice chorus + the pop metal feeling (but not too pop metal) = a feel-good song.

Third song. Lucky Animals. Yes, animals are lucky and I have times when I like this song but not always. Perhaps it’s the weird lyrics that don’t fit the song?

English: Devin Townsend perfoming at Tuska Met...

English: Devin Townsend perfoming at Tuska Metal Fest in Finland 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Liberation. Another great relaxed metal song with an amazing chorus. Devin usually knows how to write choruses and this one hits the spot. A big choir, nice guitar riffs and a nice atmosphere.

Where We Belong. On the Devin scale, I would call this a ballad. A power ballad. A 3/4 power ballad, technically a waltz (if arranged a bit differently) :D. A nice interlude that gives some time to breathe and to prepare for another set of heavier songs.

Save Our Now. Now, this could be a hit on most radio stations that play rock and metal. In my opinion, this is song is a bit shallow and slightly annoying. But it is a hit song anyway.

Kingdom. An old song from the Physicist album (2000). The original version is good but this is even better. It was an excellent choice to re-record this one.

Song #8. Divine. An acoustic, almost fragile interlude. Perhaps the arrangement could have been expanded a bit. There’s nothing wrong with the actual song, anyway.

Grace. A big song, perhaps the most difficult song on the album. Could be much worse without Anneke. This song needs more time.

Devin Townsend Project

Devin Townsend Project (Photo credit: mvisser)

More! Wow. More energy, more speed. For some reason, this song reminds me of Ziltoid the Omniscient. In the end, this is _the_ song on this for me. The final guitar riff just blows my mind every time.

Lessons. This is a real interlude as it only lasts for a minute. Next!

Hold On. Another power ballad. Different from Where We Belong. Not bad but not the best song on the album.

Finally, Angel. Another big song, another difficult song. Quite ok. And the album ends just like it begins: with a gospel choir.

As a whole, the album is definitely on my top 5 Devin list, or even on my top 3 list. There are some things on the album that make it imperfect, though. Firstly, the lyrics. They could be… Hmm, different? It’s like the lyrics don’t always go along with the music, if you know what I mean? Secondly, this album is 100% Devin, there are hardly any surprises, which is surprising as such.

But this is a great album anyway. And what makes me glad is the glad that it has appeared on the official Finnish album charts, at #8, which is amazing. Go Devin go and keep up the excellent work! (And please come back to Oulu one day, we miss you!)

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Happy Midsummer! Hyvää juhannusta! Trevlig midsommar! Frohe Mittsommer!

English: A midsommer bonfire in Seurasaari, He...

English: A midsommer bonfire in Seurasaari, Helsinki, Finland Suomi: Juhannuskokko Helsingin Seurasaaressa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Happy Midsummer! Hyvää juhannusta! Trevlig midsommar! Frohe Mittsommer!

It is already the brightest day of the year. Which means the sun sets at 00.18 and rises at 02.21. And if you go 100 kilometres north from here, the sun doesn’t set at all. And six months ago, the bright part of the day was only four hours long. How extreme the seasons in Northern Finland are…

Anyway, yesterday we got the first look at the first Eternal Tears of Sorrow music video ever. After dreaming of having one for ages, it was weird and breathtaking to finally see it on the screen. The Mutant Koala people are really amazing in what they do, no doubt about that.

English: Midsummer festival bonfire closeup (M...

English: Midsummer festival bonfire closeup (Mäntsälä, Finland) Suomi: Lähikuva juhannuskokosta Mäntsälässä (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Timetables, timetables, schedules. The past 12 months has been full of them and many of them had to be postponed or even cancelled. We were supposed to have some gigs during the past 6 months but there just was a lot of bad luck (and some good luck, too, though) and well, I’m not going to talk about why a foreign festival abroad and a tour in Asia got cancelled. I don’t want to complain or anything. Let’s just say the music business has always been a bit crooked and it will always stay that way. But eventually, you can live with it.

The timetable with the EToS stuff is .. Well, the video and the single should be out by the end of summer. And the album will by out by the end of this year, or early next year. And it’s a bit sad we cannot show you the video yet or let you hear our new stuff. But as I already wrote: timetables, timetables, schedules. And in this case, the timetables are not up to us. But we’ll let you know when something happens!

Anyway, my short summer holiday starts today and my actual 4-week summer holiday is a couple of months ahead. Mid-August must be the latest time I’ve ever started my summer holiday.

Off to the countryside now, so keep your life vests on if you’re going somewhere on a boat! 🙂

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Lights, Camera, Action!

It was a fine day for Eternal Tears of Sorrow. The very first official music video. As a matter of fact, we do have some semi-official videos but unfortunately they’re not really 100% professional quality videos. I really don’t know why. The odds and the gods of metal have always been against us.

We shot one in 1999 for “Burning Flames’ Embrace” which was a bit weird. We had a brand new line-up playing a song of the original line-up, for instance, our drummer Petri Sankala had to play the drum machine things in the video. And, of course, the overall cost of the video was 666 Finnish marks. Then, there was supposed to be a live video for a song on “Chaotic Beauty“, somewhere in Helsinki supporting Nightwish. And then, there is a nice live video for “Summon the Wild”, done a couple of years ago.

We all woke up at seven (if not earlier) to get to the place at 8.30. The production team (Mutant Koala Pictures) had arrived a bit earlier, which is natural as they had a lot of equipment with them. An hour later, we started. Hearing the same tune over and over for six hours might normally be quite boring, but we all had adrenaline rushing in our veins. Can you believe it was actually the first time a photo was taken with each member playing his instrument, including the keyboard wizard mr Janne Tolsa? But I’m sure it won’t be the last ;). And you’ll get to see this photo later, as well as the whole video.

Anyway, it’s been quite natural that after two days of action I’ve needed a total rest day, no matter how fun the action has been. Friday was fun and Saturday was fun. Quite different from each other, but fun. (Did I already mention the word “fun”, by the way?) In my first blog entry of 2012, I wrote:

If everything goes “as planned” (yeah right, like I would ever have a plan?), I will be happier by the end of the year. Or at least I will have learned new things about life, love, the universe and everything.

Well, I’m already happier than in January. Much happier. That’s weird because I don’t know what has made the difference. Maybe it’s just as simple as seizing the day, enjoying the moment and always trying to think positively (as my mother says to me almost every time I call her). One third of this year is gone and I just can’t wait for what’s ahead.

“Life, love, the universe and everything.” Sounds like fun. Welcome, May, you will be a nice month!

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Three Classic Metal Videos from the Early 90s

Headbangers Ball

Headbangers Ball (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oh, the early 90s. That’s when Music Television actually played music videos instead of some stupid reality tv shows. And the most interesting MTV show for me (and many other metal maniacs) was Headbanger’s Ball that was shown every Monday night between 1 and 3 o’clock. Oh, and Vanessa Warwick, who was a synonym for a hot female metal lady. Monday was usually a school day for me, so I always taped the show on VHS. That was our YouTube of the early 90s. You could basically see anything on that show. Or at least good metal videos and bad metal videos.

1. The Gathering: King for a Day. Most metalheads and headbangers remember this band from their Anneke van Giersbergen era (1994-2007). Their first album ‘Always…‘ (1992) was an interesting album. There was something really new to me: having keyboards and keyboards while playing extreme doom/death metal and growling your brains out. I almost forgot this band after their horrible, horrible second album ‘Almost a Dance‘. But fortunately, they got Anneke in the band in 1994, and ‘Mandylion’ was (and still is) a true masterpiece. And it’s a good thing Anneke and The Gathering are still doing well and rocking.

2. Death: Lack of Comprehension. I think this was the first Death video I ever saw. Chuck Schuldiner wasn’t just a death metal musician. He loved traditional heavy metal and it can be heard on this song. This isn’t traditional Floridan death metal of the early 90s. This could even be a precursor to melodic death metal and surely was one of the first progressive death metal bands ever. In the early 90s, I preferred ‘Individual Thought Patterns‘ over ‘Human’ but nowaways, I think ‘Human’ might just be the beast Death album, and specially the brand new, remixed version of the album. RIP Chuck, the world won’t forget you!

3. Carcass: Incarnated Solvent Abuse. Now, this video was funny. Me and my “metal school mates” used to call this “the plastic bag video”. Heavy, really heavy but still some tongue-in-cheek attitude. ‘Necroticism – Descanting the Insalubrious’ was a good death metal album but it was the next album ‘Heartwork’ that blew my mind. The best melodic death metal album ever? Could be, could be. I just don’t know if I want them to make another album. It would probably turn out to be a disappointment to many. But on the other hand, it could be a great album, too. Fortunately things like this are not up to me.

Ok, everybody back to the 2010s now. At ease!

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Another Fine Day…

City centre of Kemi, Finland Suomi: Kemin keskusta

City centre of Kemi, Finland Suomi: Kemin keskusta (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

…For Eternal Tears of Sorrow to start the recording sessions. It’s our seventh album and we will record the “basic tracks” by the end of the month: drums, guitars, bass. I just wish I knew when the single and the album are going to be out. Oh yeah, and the music video is going to be shot later this month, too. We’re busy, ain’t we?

Hello Kemi, hello Tico-Tico Studio, once again. Damn, we always miss the Snow Castle in Kemi.

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