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There Is No Mystery in the Music Business Anymore

English: Kiss live at Paris in 1999.

English: Kiss live at Paris in 1999. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(I got the idea of this post from a post about journalism by Jussi Mäntysaari . Music journalism and band interviews, to be more exact. This gave me an idea. Read it if you want but beware: it’s in Finnish: ).

Back in the 80s, when I was young, I and the boys next door got into Kiss. Kiss was something huge, a group from another world or another dimension. We hardly knew anything about them as there was no Internet around – we just had read about them on Finnish music magazines.. We knew they were from the USA and had recorded some albums that affected us in a weird way.

So, we wrote a letter to them in very rudimentary English. “We are fans, can you please send us some guitars so we can be like you?” was the core of the letter. We never got a reply. Or our guitars. Why, Paul, Gene & the rest of the guys, why?!? 😀

And when I listened to the radio and found a damn interesting band, sometimes all I knew about the band was the song itself. Nothing more. It could be that no Finnish magazines ever wrote about them. But I was cool with it. Music was the most important thing and if I bumped into information about the band, fine. That was bonus.

Image representing YouTube as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

Now, almost thirty years later, things have changed. Teenagers don’t pick their favourite bands from television, radio or the magazines. They can be found on the Internet. You see a video on YouTube, get to their Facebook page, send a message and a bit later, you can even get a personalized reply. And you can get all the possible information from the band in no time. It’s almost like the members of the band live next door. Almost.

There is no mystery in the music business anymore. Is it good or bad? I don’t know. It’s different, that’s all I know.

Perhaps it’s me? I’ve learned a lot since the first demo of our band. I know how the music industry works. I know what bands have to do to get an album released.

Let’s just say both have changed. The world and I. Still, one question remains: can I go back to my teenage years? Can I listen to an album and feel the magic again? Well, yes, partly. Damn good songs still affect me in a good but weird way. But then, I’ll have to start digging information about the band. “Where do they come from? How do they look? What are their influences?” and all that stuff. Because the information is there.

What’s the solution to this problem? Should all bands be like Tool? They very rarely give an interview, you know. There is a certain amount of mystique around them. And that makes them more interesting to many people.

So, bands, don’t be like most bands. Be mysterious. Don’t spread around information about yourselves. And remember: in the end all that matters is your music. You’re just a carpenter, although you’re still interesting to some people.

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Home. Tired. Happy.

Audio mixer faders at the Bull & Gate pub in K...

Audio mixer faders at the Bull & Gate pub in Kentish Town, North London. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I got home from Tico-Tico Studio on Monday evening. Must have been 11 o’clock or something. And it’s kinda funny that you usually get tired after a long day at a recording studio even if you don’t play anything on that day, or just play some basic guitar tracks. You need to keep your ears active all the time (or as much as possible, anyway).

But in the end, being at the studio is still fun for me, it’s almost like holiday. It’s the place where you finally hear what your music sounds like. And it’s the right place for making some extra experiments on your songs. It’s different from travelling in a bus and playing live shows in different cities and towns. You don’t have to travel for 12 hours to a venue to play an hour or 90 minutes to get things done, anyway. Well, it’s not that I don’t like playing live. During the years, I’ve actually started to love gigs.

This weekend, Eternal Tears of Sorrow is going to record their first music video ever. Finally! I have no idea why it has taken so long. It may have been bad luck or perhaps the somewhat crooked music business that promises you a lot but doesn’t always keep its promises. Anyway, I don’t want to complain. Things are fine with the band. The music video this month, the brand new single in May or June *), the last recording sessions in July, the Chinese tour in August and September. And finally, the album should be out in…? Well, I don’t know. End of the year, probably, possibly and hopefully.

*) Just got to see the cover of the single and it looks amazing. The final versions of the songs on the single sound great as well!


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