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Music Videos!

You know, if you release something, why not release them properly. Here are the music videos for the new songs I released earlier this week.


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Something New…

When writing songs, trying new things has always been one of the most important things for me. That’s how many of my share of the EToS songs have started. Sometimes I’ve intentionally started something very different from the style of EToS and still ended up having a song that sounds like EToS.

This is how these two songs got started. I just wanted to try something new. The outcome doesn’t sounds like EToS at all. But they do remind me of Kevin Moore and his Chroma Key band that influenced me when writing songs for Chaotic Beauty.

So, they’re just experiments in finding new approaches to the songwriting process. They are actually a bit old. 2011 or 2012, perhaps. But I decided to release them anyway.

The funny thing is that this week, I started thinking of writing a new song, a sequel to these two songs and once again, it is becoming another EToS song. It won’t sound like these songs. It will sound like EToS.

Anyway, these songs should be available in most digital streaming sites right now (including iTunes and Amazon):


They can also be bought at


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What Is Eternal Tears of Sorrow Up to?

Eternal Tears of Sorrow has been around for ages. 21½ years is quite a long time for a band, is it? Basically, our career ran be divided into three distinct eras.

  1. 1994-1999: our two first albums, melodic death metal and doom/death metal.
  2. 1999-2001: two albums: melodic death metal + something else?
  3. 2004-2013: three albums with more symphonic elements.

You could say our fourth era has just began after a 28-month break.

This time, the new era doesn’t mean new members, though. It means changing our attitude. It means trying to write songs in a different way. We want our music to be rawer but more melodic, simpler but catchier, more melancholic but heavier. And so on. The hardcore punk attitude without actually playing hardcore punk but our kind of metal.

I think we know what to do now. It will take a lot of time, though, so don’t expect out eighth album to come out next year. If we were twenty-five again, we could write and record an album in six months. But that was fifteen (!) years ago and things have changed since then. There will be no deadlines or obligations.

The journey is just about to start.

P.S. Meliora by Ghost may be the album of the year. It doesn’t mean we’re going to sound like Ghost. Or look like them!



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Happy new year everyone!

First of all, I suppose you can guess what happened to my ambitious project? It was a total failure, although not a complete failure. During the last months of 2013, I read many (well, several) books, listened to a lot of new music (meaning: music that’s new to me), watched some excellent movies and television series and so on.

2013 was not a bad year at all. In short, it was a better year than 2011 or 2012. And 2014 has already been a bit different. I’m talking about my dear computer i.e. my media center and my music studio. I half-accidentally got rid of Windows 7 and started using Linux Mint.

Why? The most important reason is: Linux Mint 16 is faster than Windows 7. And a bit safer to use, too. And much cheaper!

But after installing Mint and installing nearly all the software I needed, I still needed to get answers to three questions:

  1. How to use Netflix and other services that use Silverlight?
  2. How to use Office?
  3. How to make music with Linux?

The Netflix question was relatively easy to solve. The only problem is that as the solution is a bit complicated when it comes to technology, the FPS on my old computer is not as good as it should be. So, I’ll use Netflix on my tablet.

The Office question was simple: Mint is equipped with LibreOffice. Besides, I also have Google Keep and Google Docs, which is where I keep most of my documents, anyway.

But the third question remains. How to make music with Linux? After using Cubase on Windows for ten years, that is a quantum leap into the great unknown. VST on Linux? Perhaps, as far as I know.

In the end, all I need is a nice environment to make drum beats, to record some guitars and additionally to have some virtual keyboard tracks on top of everything else. I’m still working on it. I’ll let you know when I come up with something interesting.. I hope.


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Swan Saivo & The Oulu Music Video Festival

The annual Oulu Music Video Festival will be held in three weeks and for the first time, Eternal Tears of Sorrow will be part of it.  Unfortunately our video “Swan Saivo” couldn’t make to the music video contest. Still, it will be shown there, I’m sure of that.

Here’s the video, just in case you don’t get to see it here in Oulu:


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Best Way to Write a New Song?


SongWriter (Photo credit: jorik de beer)

This article is very much a “personal wandering & pondering” blog entry. It’ll probably be full of stream of consciousness stuff. Still, I hope it’s going to be helpful for other people, too. So, here I go:

Writing a new song is almost always a miracle. The core of it sometimes comes from “nowhere”, unless it is a carbon copy of a stupid hit song you just heard on the radio. And it’s all yours. (Here’s a philosophical question: do songs really belong to anyone? But that’s a different story…)

What makes the song-writing challenging is that there is no universally perfect way to write a song. Some people start with the lyrics, some people like to write together with other people, some people prefer writing songs alone at night in the moonlight, or the candlelight.

The Kinks' "You Really Got Me" guita...

The Kinks’ “You Really Got Me” guitar riff. About this sound Play ( help · info ) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Starting to write a new song is easy if you have inspiration. The moments of inspiration come and go and they are very unpredictable. So, you cannot always wait for it to come. Just pick your guitar, your keyboard or whatever instrument you prefer when writing a song. Choose a chord or a short melody that comes to your mind. Or a guitar riff. Or just pick a scale and try improvising with it (for instance, pentatonic scale is quite interesting).

Don’t get mad if nothing interesting pops up. Sometimes you can try anything for days and still: nothing. And then, a perfect idea can come into view and suddenly you’ve got a brand new perspective to the new song. What’s interesting is that you can have an interesting and fascinating idea even if you are not inspired. Yeah, well, this is more than obvious but it’s the reason you can and should try composing a song any-time you want to. Or even when you don’t want to.

Songwriters Circle

Songwriters Circle (Photo credit: AndyRobertsPhotos)

But naturally, one riff or melody or chord isn’t enough. The next thing is having at least one or two more ideas and starting to think about the song structure. (Let’s just assume we don’t care about the genre of the song, it’s just whatever comes naturally…) A very short song? An epic song? I think the answer is: whatever you feel like. Sometimes the thirty-two-bar form is nice, sometimes trying to do something new is very fruitful.

Let’s just say you’ve written a three-minute song with a melody. Then, what should the lyrics be like? Should the song tell a story? Or describe a feeling or a moment? (Or, in some cases: should the song just be an instrumental?)

This year, I’ve been fascinated about the idea of writing very personal lyrics. (Then again, I’m also keen on writing interesting stories that have nothing to do with my life.) How personal can you get without sounding too cheesy and not being embarrassed about the lyrics? Moreover, can you write an imaginative story that would still feel very personal to you? I suppose you can but it’s very difficult.

English: Music and lyrics of the song "Go...

English: Music and lyrics of the song “Good Morning to All”, the basis for the allegedly copyrighted song “”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, I suppose I’ll write at least a couple of personal songs by the end of this summer. I don’t know about the genre yet, though. Something related to prog rock, maybe.. Something different, that is. And very personal lyrics, I wonder what that would be like. Something revealing, something I feel.

Choosing the language is also a difficult question. For those who speak English as their mother tongue, the choice is very easy. But for a Finn, it’s harder. It is very easy to write a song full of clichés when writing in English. In Finnish, the lyrics inevitably become much more personal because the mother tongue is always the “language of your heart and emotions”. This is why writing in English is so much safer.

So yeah, there’s a lot to think. But perhaps the best way to do this is not to think at all? “Just do it”, as the slogan goes. Yep. That’s how I’ll do it. Interesting.


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Summer’s Here!

English: Main stage area of Ilosaarirock (2007...

English: Main stage area of Ilosaarirock (2007) festival site in Joensuu, Finland. Suomi: Ilosaarirockin (2007) päälava, Joensuu (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s been quite a while since the last “real” post. So, as you might have found out, I tried to make the blog more active by connecting my Instagram to this blog. So far so good.

Why the silence? Well, actually nothing special has happened in my quiet little world. Basically, it’s been work and music and then work again. Utterely boring. (I could go on and on and use thousands of words trying to describe how boring my life has been, but that would probably be totally pointless.

But this month, the life has turned out to be slightly more interesting. EToS has played the first gig since July 2011! It is weird how good playing a live show feels after a long, long break. And as a summer festival, Ilosaarirock is one of the best in Finland, if not the best. Almost 30 000 people every day and everything went really well. And I met a lot of interesting people, including the members of Pelican, a band whom I’ve been listening to for a year or so. And a lot of other people, too. Which was nice.

Anyway, I’m on my first half of my summer holiday and I like it. Unfortunately, this half ends by the end of this week. But then again, I’ll have two more weeks in a month. So, I’m thinking of starting of planning of doing something during the second half of my holiday. Or at least considering of thinking … And so on. The point is that I rarely plan my holidays, and even more rarely when I’m being single. But this time, it could be fun to have at least a vague holiday plan. Let’s see what happens.

What about music? Well, later. And good night :).


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