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Movie of the Month: Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead (Zonbi asu)

Danger! ZOMBIE ASS: Toilet of the Dead – Zonbi Asu – is here and it will spread like a zombie virus.

Well, I must admit I’ve only seen the trailer of this magnificent Japanese zombie (and toilet) movie. Not yet. I’m sure it’s either a very bad movie or so bad you want to stick something sharp to your eyeballs to not see the rest of the film.

I wasn’t able to find so many reviews on this movie yet, but this quote is hilarious

Yes, this is not just a zombie movie, this is an alien ass parasite zombie movie designed purely to allow Iguchi to indulge in his love of the female posterior. Juvenile in the extreme the film is driven by ultra-lowbrow sight gags and splatter effects – both practical and CGI – laced with a heaping helping of shit and fart jokes.

Sounds like fun. Perhaps. Perhaps not.


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Movie of the Month: Troll 2

Oh boy, Troll 2 is an interesting one in a way. It must have been one of the very worst movies I’ve ever seen. It’s supposed to be a horror movie, and in a way it is.. Well, horrible.

1. There are no trolls in the movie. There are goblins but no trolls. And… The goblins are vegetarians but they still eat people.
2. This is actually not a sequel to the original Troll. The film was originally supposed to be titled “Goblins” but it was retitled as “the distributors were skeptical about the film’s ability to succeed”.
3. The dialogue is bad. Well, the acting is lame, too, so even a better dialogue wouldn’t improve the movie. As Wikipedia says: “The cast had few experienced actors, and was primarily assembled from residents of nearby towns.” and “As [neither the producer or the director] spoke fluent English, the shooting script was written in the same broken pidgin dialect in which they both spoke; the cast […] had difficulty understanding their dialogue
4. The story makes no sense at all. It’s so bad you’ll have to see it yourself.

Dare you take a look at it?

Just take a look at the famous scene from the movie:


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