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Hipster Metal, WTF?

Teen hipster dressed as a carrot

Teen hipster dressed as a carrot (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A day off. Nice. Excluding Easter Monday, I can’t remember having a Monday off this year. And I’m supposed to do a lot of things, but after an excellent, yet a bit exhausting weekend recording stuff with Eternal Tears of Sorrow, it’s almost too hard to start doing anything sensible. Cleaning up the apartment, doing the laundry, paying some bills, getting my car repaired, that’s just too much for a day.

Anyway, today I’ve bumped into an interesting term. Hipster metal. WTF is that? There was nothing like that when I was young. Metal was metal, not a very popular rock genre, considered only a phase in a young boy’s life, a slightly unintelligent form of rock’n’roll. The more I read about hipster metal, the more confused I became. What is a hipster, anyway? English isn’t my mother tongue, so I can’t have all the connotations of the word. But in Finnish, we do have the word loaned as “hipsteri” that to me, sounds like a guy or a gal who wants to be more trendy than “the mainstream youth”. Trendy in a very intelligent way, or at least in a way that makes them look smarter. The Finnish definition of “hipsteri” is used to describe “an urban subculture that involves listening to indie rock and wearing middle-class or working class clothes, like grunge rock guys and gals”.

self-portrait of Jonathan Youngblood, illustra...

self-portrait of Jonathan Youngblood, illustrating the concept "hipster" (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Still, after reading dozens of pages of hipsters and so-called hipster metal, I’m not any wiser. It could have something to do with my age (as I’m not a teen anymore) or it could have something to do with Finland being the country in the world where metal music is the most mainstream. Metal music is huge here, which is really weird, by the way. So, it could be that we really don’t need “hipster metal” here as metal is “hip” enough here. The best article on hipster metal is probably this, by the way: ..

Who (i.e. which bands) play hipster metal, anyways? There are a lot of opinions on this. Sludge metal bands, post-rock black metal bands etc, or so they say. Baroness, Pelican, Alcest? They are mentioned in many blogs and websites. Damnit, I like those bands… Well, I won’t stop listening to them. They have a lot of nice songs, and that’s enough for me. Are they hipster metal or just bands that some hipster metal heads (if there are any) listen to, or claim they listen to. I prefer the latter explanation.

American band Slayer at the Fields of Rock fes...

American band Slayer at the Fields of Rock festival, June 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t mean heavy metal should not evolve. Vice versa. It’s important for metal music to involve. If rock’n’roll hadn’t evolved after the 50s, all rock would still be like “Rock Around the Clock” and “Johnny B Goode“. And if you listen to some new black metal or death metal bands, you can say they sound quite much like the bands in the late 90s, do they? The overall production is naturally much better but when it comes to music, it really hasn’t so much new to offer. Or progressive metal? Has it evolved a lot since ‘Images & Words‘ by Dream Theater? Probably not.

There must be something new happening in the metal underground, though, I think. Just take a look at the most popular metal bands at Metallica, System of a Down, Iron Maiden, Slipknot, Disturbed, Marilyn Manson, Megadeth, Korn. Most of them were successful in the 90s (or even the 80s) and the rest of them, well, they could have been big in the late 90s, too. Why aren’t there any bands sounding like the 2000s on the list? Are the metal hipsters right after all? Is there metal music that sound like 2012, after all? Has metal music stagnated in the past?

I bet there are people who can answer to these questions. I can’t, not now, anyway. Some day, perhaps.

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2012, Part II

Monday Monday

“Monday, Monday”, Image by soonerpa via Flickr

Busy day, lazy evening. But I suppose that’s what Monday evenings are supposed to be like. Just relaxing, dreaming and planning.

Everything about this year is quite unclear to me. Everything but the things related to music. When it comes to music, I know this is going to be a very good year. It was like the end of last year, that’s when I found new ways to express myself. I basically re-invented the wheel again. Making music and writing lyrics isn’t about trying to be as complex as possible, it isn’t about always trying to find something new. Well, it is also about those things. But the most important thing is dig deep down within your self and to try to express yourself.

And that was an interesting process. I don’t necessarily want to go through another process like that again. But maybe I do and maybe I don’t. Well, time to move on with this blog entry :).

Anyway, this could be a very exciting year. And I’m not talking about the end-of-the-world mumbo-jumbo. I’m talking about the possibilities this year could offer. I’m not going to whisper to myself at the end of the year: “It was not such a bad year after all..” No, I’m going to say loud and proud: “It was one of the best years of my life!”

But how? That’s the question.

First of all, I really need to find out who I am in the year of 2012 and what I really want. Is there anything I want to get rid of in my life? Is there something important in my life that I could appreciate much more if I paid more attention to it? I can’t think of anything now. I hope something will pop up in my head by the end of this year. I’ll just need to be more than honest to myself.

After that, after I’ve found what I really want and what could be good to myself, I’ll need to find ways to get them. Carpe diem, seize the day. Nothing will happen if I just keep waiting.

Finally, I’ll have to keep in mind every day that if I want to make the world a better place, I’ll have to start with the smallest possible things. Such as cleaning up one of my rooms, or doing the dishes.

I know something has changed me during these past few months. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be writing all this. I hope the changing process will go on throughout the year :).

So, good night, morning or whatever, see ya again!

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