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Google Chrome Memory Usage

Google Chrome

Google Chrome (Photo credit:

I’ve been an avid Chrome user for a year now. There’s basically nothing wrong with Firefox as such, it is just a bit slower nowadays. But nowadays, Chrome has started to use more and more memory, making it virtually impossible to have Chrome windows open when making music with Cubase.

It took a while to try to Google something for this issue. Finally, I found three switches to add to the Chrome shortcut button.

  • –purge-memory-button adds a new button to the Chrome Task Manager. I’m actually not sure if it works in Chrome 20 as it often crashes the whole browser.
  • –enable-internal-flash makes Chrome use internal Flash player. I’m not sure if this works 100% either as watching a Youtube video crashed my Chrome this morning.
  • –memory-model=low is definitely the most interesting switch. There are three memory models: “high”, “medium” and “low”. I think this switch has something to do with Chrome releasing memory back to the operating system.

But Chrome seems to work more smoothly now that my shortcut looks like this:

C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe –purge-memory-button –enable-internal-flash –memory-model=low


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Another Photo Session Done…

Snow Cat

Image by clickclique via Flickr

Saturday was such a cold day. It was the time for Eternal Tears of Sorrow to take some new photos for the forthcoming album. Snow, frost, wind and so on. If it had been any warmer, I would probably think these photo sessions should take place much more often than once in every two, three years.

But anyway, it was an awesome day. Now we just to have to hope none of us gets a flu. We tried to fight the possibility of having a flu with many different liquids, though :P.

We’ll add some new photos on our website (and I’ll add some of them here) once they get finished. It’s going to take a while, though.

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