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Swan Saivo & The Oulu Music Video Festival

The annual Oulu Music Video Festival will be held in three weeks and for the first time, Eternal Tears of Sorrow will be part of it.  Unfortunately our video “Swan Saivo” couldn’t make to the music video contest. Still, it will be shown there, I’m sure of that.

Here’s the video, just in case you don’t get to see it here in Oulu:


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Summer’s Here!

English: Main stage area of Ilosaarirock (2007...

English: Main stage area of Ilosaarirock (2007) festival site in Joensuu, Finland. Suomi: Ilosaarirockin (2007) päälava, Joensuu (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s been quite a while since the last “real” post. So, as you might have found out, I tried to make the blog more active by connecting my Instagram to this blog. So far so good.

Why the silence? Well, actually nothing special has happened in my quiet little world. Basically, it’s been work and music and then work again. Utterely boring. (I could go on and on and use thousands of words trying to describe how boring my life has been, but that would probably be totally pointless.

But this month, the life has turned out to be slightly more interesting. EToS has played the first gig since July 2011! It is weird how good playing a live show feels after a long, long break. And as a summer festival, Ilosaarirock is one of the best in Finland, if not the best. Almost 30 000 people every day and everything went really well. And I met a lot of interesting people, including the members of Pelican, a band whom I’ve been listening to for a year or so. And a lot of other people, too. Which was nice.

Anyway, I’m on my first half of my summer holiday and I like it. Unfortunately, this half ends by the end of this week. But then again, I’ll have two more weeks in a month. So, I’m thinking of starting of planning of doing something during the second half of my holiday. Or at least considering of thinking … And so on. The point is that I rarely plan my holidays, and even more rarely when I’m being single. But this time, it could be fun to have at least a vague holiday plan. Let’s see what happens.

What about music? Well, later. And good night :).


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Alternatives to the Radios…

Image representing Spotify as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase decided to sharpen their business model, so they quit their radios in most countries. I suppose 3 euros per month wasn’t profitable enough. Even Spotify has had problems with the profit – and their services are even more expensive, five to ten euros per month. So, I don’t blame They did what they had to do. Online music services – or cloud music services – are tricky in many ways.

Naturally,’s sudden strategic change made me change my strategy, too. I needed to find a new way to listen to music, at home and wherever I go with my mobile phone. Earlier, I just needed to press a couple of buttons on my phone or computer and I got to listen to songs I liked (or might have liked).

I like this way. I like exploring new bands and new songs – but I also have my favourite bands and albums that I want to listen now and then. Sometimes it is quite hard to find a perfect balance between these two things – well, naturally the cloud services don’t know when I have the urge to listen to new music and when I am in a more nostalgic mood. But that’s a small problem, a first world problem, so to say.

Image representing as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase isn’t gone. It still has many great services, including the scrobbling plugin, which is what they are best-known fot. Then, there is the plugin for Spotify, which is not perfect but has three nice ways to create Spotify playlists easily. (All of these ways are based on what you have scrobbled to the database, by the way).

Create a playlist based on 1) what you’ve listened to during the past three months. 2) what you are listening now and 3) what recommends to you.

English: Screenshot of the software pr...

English: Screenshot of the software program. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Using these three functions, it is relatively easy to create a Spotify playlist that is somewhat similar to my personal radio channel. Not as simple, not as handy, but it’s still possible. And most importantly, to make the playlist more, I use the playlist radio function on Spotify. The system isn’t perfect but I suppose it is sufficiently good for me now.

But some day, some day the cloud music services know exactly what I want to listen. And that will be a scary day. I don’t want computers to know too much or to know me too well.

Would I have other alternatives? Of course. Rdio, Deezer, Rhapsody. I don’t know if Rhapsody works in Finland, though. But one cloud service is enough for me now.



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2013! February!

English: Duodji Saami symbols art Svenska: Duo...

English: Duodji Saami symbols art Svenska: Duodji samiska symboler konst (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Weird. I must have been so busy and exhausted I’ve forgot this blog. Let’s just say the beginning of this year has definitely been more interesting than last year’s January. Perhaps it’s the small things that matter. We have had snow, freezing days but the days are growing longer, day by day, slowly.

Eternal Tears of Sorrow has been busy, once again, even though in a different way than last year. We have a brand new merchandise shop at . Also, the album is out, which means a lot of interviews and questions like “What does Saivon Lapsi really mean?”

Well, Saivo is something like this:

The south Saami used to believe that the ancestors lived in holy mountains called saajve(aajmoe). In the north Saami area this word – in the form sáiva – refers to sacrificial sites and to holy lakes, often round, with no rivers flowing into them, believed to be paired with a vertical shaft leading down to a lower one. Probably this is the original meaning because there is broad agreement that saajve/sáiva is borrowed from proto-Scandinavian *saiwa-z, “sea.” This interpretation corresponds to the fact that the Saami shaman, the noaidi, predominantly used a fish as the vehicle of his soul when he went to the land of the dead and to the fact that going there was referred to as “diving”.

And well, “Saivon” = “Saivo’s” or “of Saivo”, “lapsi” = “the/a child”, so “Saivon Lapsi” = “The/A Child of Saivo” or “Saivo’s Child”.

And yes, I finally managed to get the new version of our website online. is the place. It’s still far from perfect when using mobile devices or netbooks but I’ll get back to it a bit later.


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English: Screenshot of the software pr...

English: Screenshot of the software program. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve been an avid user since 2004. Well, back then the thing we now call was two (almost) separate systems: Audioscrobbler and was basically just a radio and Audioscrobbler was the one responsible for writing down and keeping “in mind” what the users had listened to.

Things changed a couple of years later. Audioscrobbler and merged. Which was a good thing and in my opinion made the service one of the best music-related service in the world.

I found their personalized radio channels years ago but didn’t start listening to them until I wanted to find completely new bands and new genres. This is why is the best tool in the world. Three euros a month for a great service was extremely inexpensive.

But a couple of days ago, we heard sad news. People in most countries in the world will not be able to access the radio channels anymore. They will shut down the service in mid-January 2013. is making some important changes to the radio services we offer around the world. We have considered these changes carefully, in response to various factors that affect our business differently in parts of the world.


Unfortunately, in all other countries, we are no longer offering a radio service after this date.

English: Availability of Spotify in Europe

English: Availability of Spotify in Europe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, the world always changes. And fortunately, we still have Spotify here in Finland. It just takes some time to get used to Spotify again. You know, with the personalized radio it was easy. I just needed to press Play and I got to listen to some great songs. Now, with Spotify, I need to make some decisions. One of my playlists or a radio? And if a radio, what should it be based on?

Well, anyway, will remain one of my favourite services. It is an archive of which bands I’ve been listening to. Not bad for a free service.


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Seasons Change, Time Passes By…

Tomorrow it’s been eighteen years since Eternal Tears of Sorrow entered the mighty Tico-Tico studio for the first time.To celebrate this anniversary, we recorded the final vocal tracks for the forthcoming album last weekend.

And one circle is about to close . Tico is about to move to a new location in the near future, which obviously is a bit sad. By the way, it seems at least some people know and want to know about what we do. Even Blabbermouth

Making this album has taken more time than ever before. We had our first recording session in spring 2011 and now we had the very last one. Writing the songs for A Virgin and a Whore and recording them took only half a year for us. But yeah, bands change and people change and ever since the 3-year break (that took place between 2001 and 2004) took place, we’ve taken things a bit more slowly. But we’ve still got the same attitude: we want our songs to be as good as we can.

All I can say now: the songs have been recorded. Finally. Now it’s time to mix them. And the video and the single will be out soon, we hope.

And now for something completely different: Doctor Who fans, have you ever wondered what Brian Williams thought when he heard his son and daughter-in-law were dead? Well, there is an answer. And a surprise.

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Happy Midsummer! Hyvää juhannusta! Trevlig midsommar! Frohe Mittsommer!

English: A midsommer bonfire in Seurasaari, He...

English: A midsommer bonfire in Seurasaari, Helsinki, Finland Suomi: Juhannuskokko Helsingin Seurasaaressa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Happy Midsummer! Hyvää juhannusta! Trevlig midsommar! Frohe Mittsommer!

It is already the brightest day of the year. Which means the sun sets at 00.18 and rises at 02.21. And if you go 100 kilometres north from here, the sun doesn’t set at all. And six months ago, the bright part of the day was only four hours long. How extreme the seasons in Northern Finland are…

Anyway, yesterday we got the first look at the first Eternal Tears of Sorrow music video ever. After dreaming of having one for ages, it was weird and breathtaking to finally see it on the screen. The Mutant Koala people are really amazing in what they do, no doubt about that.

English: Midsummer festival bonfire closeup (M...

English: Midsummer festival bonfire closeup (Mäntsälä, Finland) Suomi: Lähikuva juhannuskokosta Mäntsälässä (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Timetables, timetables, schedules. The past 12 months has been full of them and many of them had to be postponed or even cancelled. We were supposed to have some gigs during the past 6 months but there just was a lot of bad luck (and some good luck, too, though) and well, I’m not going to talk about why a foreign festival abroad and a tour in Asia got cancelled. I don’t want to complain or anything. Let’s just say the music business has always been a bit crooked and it will always stay that way. But eventually, you can live with it.

The timetable with the EToS stuff is .. Well, the video and the single should be out by the end of summer. And the album will by out by the end of this year, or early next year. And it’s a bit sad we cannot show you the video yet or let you hear our new stuff. But as I already wrote: timetables, timetables, schedules. And in this case, the timetables are not up to us. But we’ll let you know when something happens!

Anyway, my short summer holiday starts today and my actual 4-week summer holiday is a couple of months ahead. Mid-August must be the latest time I’ve ever started my summer holiday.

Off to the countryside now, so keep your life vests on if you’re going somewhere on a boat! 🙂

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