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Something New…

When writing songs, trying new things has always been one of the most important things for me. That’s how many of my share of the EToS songs have started. Sometimes I’ve intentionally started something very different from the style of EToS and still ended up having a song that sounds like EToS.

This is how these two songs got started. I just wanted to try something new. The outcome doesn’t sounds like EToS at all. But they do remind me of Kevin Moore and his Chroma Key band that influenced me when writing songs for Chaotic Beauty.

So, they’re just experiments in finding new approaches to the songwriting process. They are actually a bit old. 2011 or 2012, perhaps. But I decided to release them anyway.

The funny thing is that this week, I started thinking of writing a new song, a sequel to these two songs and once again, it is becoming another EToS song. It won’t sound like these songs. It will sound like EToS.

Anyway, these songs should be available in most digital streaming sites right now (including iTunes and Amazon):


They can also be bought at


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Something Completely Different

After listening to ambient music during the week, I decided to try something out. Something new. In four hours, I came up with this. Just a test :).

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