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2013! February!

English: Duodji Saami symbols art Svenska: Duo...

English: Duodji Saami symbols art Svenska: Duodji samiska symboler konst (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Weird. I must have been so busy and exhausted I’ve forgot this blog. Let’s just say the beginning of this year has definitely been more interesting than last year’s January. Perhaps it’s the small things that matter. We have had snow, freezing days but the days are growing longer, day by day, slowly.

Eternal Tears of Sorrow has been busy, once again, even though in a different way than last year. We have a brand new merchandise shop at . Also, the album is out, which means a lot of interviews and questions like “What does Saivon Lapsi really mean?”

Well, Saivo is something like this:

The south Saami used to believe that the ancestors lived in holy mountains called saajve(aajmoe). In the north Saami area this word – in the form sáiva – refers to sacrificial sites and to holy lakes, often round, with no rivers flowing into them, believed to be paired with a vertical shaft leading down to a lower one. Probably this is the original meaning because there is broad agreement that saajve/sáiva is borrowed from proto-Scandinavian *saiwa-z, “sea.” This interpretation corresponds to the fact that the Saami shaman, the noaidi, predominantly used a fish as the vehicle of his soul when he went to the land of the dead and to the fact that going there was referred to as “diving”.

And well, “Saivon” = “Saivo’s” or “of Saivo”, “lapsi” = “the/a child”, so “Saivon Lapsi” = “The/A Child of Saivo” or “Saivo’s Child”.

And yes, I finally managed to get the new version of our website online. is the place. It’s still far from perfect when using mobile devices or netbooks but I’ll get back to it a bit later.


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Saivo, Lapland and Melodic Death Metal

Cover of "Children of The Dark Waters"

Cover of Children of The Dark Waters

I’m listening the seventh album by Eternal Tears of Sorrow, called “Saivon Lapsi”. It’s finally been mastered and should be released in.. Well, I’ve stopped talking about exact dates or even wide estimations because nowadays, release dates seem to be quite flexible. And they are never ever up to us. Next year, that I can promise. Massacre Records say it’ll be out in late February in Central Europe, so… We’ll see.

For Children of the Dark Waters, we recorded “Vilda Mánnu”, the title song of our second album. Also this time, we re-recorded an old song. So,  when listening to Saivon Lapsi and this re-recorded song, I can’t help thinking “oh boy, we’ve changed during these years”. Which is not a negative thing at all. Most bands change, most bands have something new on their new albums. Yes, we have changed since our first album, too. We’re a bit angrier, a bit more symphonic, even a bit more melodic (if possible) but it’s still us. Wiser and older. Well, older, anyway.

Still, Saivon Lapsi (“The Child of Saivo”) closes one circle. It is the underworld of the Sami people (or the Saami people, both are acceptable) that were the theme of our second album. And now, the Vilda Mánnu theme and the Angelheart theme are drawn together. (I didn’t realize this until now, weird…) And we’ve had song titles in Northern Saami, Japanese, Irish, pseudo-Latin (Nocturne Thule), so I suppose it’s only natural to have song titles in Finnish, too. But no spoilers because as always, there are surprises on the album! 🙂

By the way, I hate categorizations, especially when people try to categorize bands I’m involved with. No, Eternal Tears of Sorrow are not a gothic metal band. And no, Eternal Tears of Sorrow are not a black metal band either. The accurate categorization would go something like “Symphonic melodic death metal with influences from many kinds of metal, including gothic metal, progressive metal, thrash metal, black metal, and so on…” In the end, we don’t care what people and the record companies call us or our music. Metal. Call us metal!


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Easter (Photo credit: 427)

Easter is just around the corner! Oh boy, time really flies. Each day seems to be an exact replica of yesterday, but fortunately this year is going to have a lot of events that break the monotonous routines.

First of all, I need to get my car fixed. On one hand, it’s nice to walk at least 4 km every day (especially now that spring is here) but on the other hand, it’d be nice to get it fixed (even though the public transport is quite good here in North Finland).

But anyway, Eternal Tears of Sorrow is going to the studio next week to record the second half of the seventh EToS album. We’re going to record the basic tracks: drums, bass, guitars. And vocals & keyboard will be done a bit later this year. Also, we’re going to shoot our very first (!) official music video at the end of this month. And the single… Well, I can’t say when it’s coming out, before the midsummer, I hope. It’s going to be a nice album and once again, it’s going to be a different compared to “Children of the Dark Waters“. It’s still a bit too early to say, how different, but well…

The other music projects are doing fine as well, even though they are progressing much more slowly. There have been some questions I’ve been trying to solve this week (at least by thinking). “Can ambient music be done without keyboards or samples?” among others.

Those were the days: Amiga and ProTracker.

It’s not actually weird for me to write music with a computer. That’s what I’ve been doing since 1988 or so. That’s when Altti invited me to his home and we made a rudimentary cover of “Smoke on the Water“. Oh, those were the days. ProTracker, tracker music, MODs, Amiga.

Ever since, I’ve written and demoed every song on my computer, excluding “Chaotic Beauty” (2000) and “A Virgin and a Whore” that we wrote and arranged at our rehearsal place. On “Sinner’s Serenade” (1997) you can even hear the Amiga samples :). And On “Vilda Mánnu” (1998), we spent two whole weeks trying to convert module files into MIDI files that we could use at Tico-Tico Studio.

Now, in 2012, practically every band, no matter if they play electronic music or the most extreme kind of heavy metal, write their songs at home with their computers. There are computers in every single recording studio. Well, the modern world is thoroughly digitalized, which is mostly a good thing. In the 90s, if you wanted your band mates to hear your new songs, you had to take them with you on a diskette or a cassette. And you had physically move yourself to your band mate’s home, or invite him to come over :). Now, we have email, DropBox, SoundCloud and so many other ways to let the rest of the band hear what you’ve been up to.

Commodore Amiga 500, 16-bit computer (1987)

Yeah, when it comes to music, it’s much easier nowadays. Still, I sort of miss the old days. You’d to call your band mate using the landline telephone to know if he’s at home. Then, you’d take a diskette or a cassette with you and play the demo at his house. You could spend an entire evening just to demonstrate a new song because in Finland, it’s customary to offer coffee to your guests.

Now, it’s nothing but putting an MP3 file into your DropBox folder and sending a Facebook message “I’ve got a new demo, let me know what you guys think about it”. It’s much less personal nowadays. Just sending files and messages. In the “best case scenario”, you may even call your friends. Or is it just me? Perhaps I’ve become a lazy, fat, nostalgic bastard :P.

Anyway, I uploaded another “dark ambient” song onto SoundCloud. Listen to it if you’re interested in such genre.

Happy easter! (Or whatever you’re going to celebrate this week.. If you’re not celebrating anything, have a nice week!)

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