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Doctor Who vs. Red Dwarf

Red Dwarf

Red Dwarf (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve been watching Red Dwarf for some days now. RD is more than just another British science fiction television show. It is a sci-fi sitcom, a science fiction situation comedy that are actually quite rare.

Is Red Dwarf just a humour version of Doctor Who or something more? Well, let’s compare them.

1. Travelling.

In Doctor Who, the Doctor (usually) gets to decide when and where to go. Any place in time and space. The Red Dwarf just sort of drifts back to Earth at the speed of light, or just a bit faster. They do occasionally travel in time and even get back to Earth for a while. But travelling is not the point in Red Dwarf as such.

From left to right: Kryten, Lister, Cat, and R...

From left to right: Kryten, Lister, Cat, and Rimmer as they appeared in 2009’s Back to Earth. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2. Humour, including the laugh track.

Yes, RD is a sitcom. It’s supposed to make you laugh. In my opinion, a sci-fi sitcom is almost impossible to become successful. But Red Dwarf is an exception to this rule. Is Doctor Who funny and hilarious? At times, yes, but it can also be damn scary.

3. The number of the people on board.

In DW, it’s usually two, the Doctor and his companion. In RD, it’s five, Lister, Cat, Rimmer the Hologram, Kryten the Android and the ship’s computer, Holly.  Why more people on RD? Well, a sitcom with only two people must be harder to make and it is quite rare to do that. Bottom is one of the very few exceptions.

Hmm, Bottom and Doctor Who combined? That would be really weird, wouldn’t it.


Well, these are the first three differences I could find in half an hour or so. In the end, they are very different shows. But there are a lot of similarities, too. To begin with, they’re British (obviously), which makes them, well, British. A bit wittier and less polished than North American science fiction television shows.

But in the end, if you’re a DW fan, you may like RD or not. And vice versa. But you can give it a try.

I’m still on the seventh RD series on Netflix, so I don’t know how good the brand new tenth series is. They say it’s good, though. Good.

By the way, I wish there were more Nordic/Scandinavian science fiction tv shows. Äkta människor (Real Humans), a Swedish show, is one of the very few great shows. Obviously, the British tv people are starting to make a new ÄM version. It could be good but I have my doubts.


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Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death


Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death

Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death (1999) is an exceptional Doctor Who spin-off. Rowan Atkinson as the Ninth Doctor makes it a “Blackadder meets Doctor Who” parody. Or more precisely, it’s “Blackadder meets Doctor Who meets Absolutely Fabulous“, as both Julia “Saffy” Sawalha and Joanna Lumley play in this little DW parody episode. Nice.

In addition, Hugh Grant (who also appears in this episode) would have been an interesting choice as the official Ninth Doctor. What would that have been like?

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“Death or Ugu?” … “Death It Is! But First: Ugu!”

Gilbert Gottfried - 2008.03.28

Gilbert Gottfried - 2008.03.28 (Photo credit: Stephen Dyrgas)

The title of this post comes from “Dirty Jokes“, a live stand-up performance by Gilbert Gottfried. It provides the dirtiest jokes ever told, or almost. Well, the dirtiest jokes you can tell without getting arrested in most Western countries, anyway. And this one is about two missionaries captured by an African primitive tribe. You can guess the rest. Or perhaps not. I’m not going to write the joke here as it would.. Well, never mind.

Now, an awkward transition. Previously, I wrote about how ridiculous metal bands may seem to people. Well, there actually are headbangers who also do stand-up comedy. One of them is Steve Hughes, an Australian who used to play in Slaughter Lord, Mortal Sin and Nazxul. As some of you may know, Slaughter Lord was the band who had a song “Legion” on their very first demo tape. Almost ten years later, the same song was covered by At The Gates, and it was a wonderful version. For years, I didn’t even realize it wasn’t written by ATG themselves.

Steve isn’t ridiculous, he’s just funny and hilarious. Check out this clip from Steve’s Swedish tour.

I’m going to end this post with an interesting Rammstein cover version. No explanation needed. A perfect warm-up band for Rammstein.

P.S. What about the question “Death or Ugu?” Well, try to find the joke on Youtube. And also, check out Brian Posehn‘s Slayer act.

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Movie of the Month: Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead (Zonbi asu)

Danger! ZOMBIE ASS: Toilet of the Dead – Zonbi Asu – is here and it will spread like a zombie virus.

Well, I must admit I’ve only seen the trailer of this magnificent Japanese zombie (and toilet) movie. Not yet. I’m sure it’s either a very bad movie or so bad you want to stick something sharp to your eyeballs to not see the rest of the film.

I wasn’t able to find so many reviews on this movie yet, but this quote is hilarious

Yes, this is not just a zombie movie, this is an alien ass parasite zombie movie designed purely to allow Iguchi to indulge in his love of the female posterior. Juvenile in the extreme the film is driven by ultra-lowbrow sight gags and splatter effects – both practical and CGI – laced with a heaping helping of shit and fart jokes.

Sounds like fun. Perhaps. Perhaps not.


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Tuli vaan mieleen, kun eilen puhelin jäi kotiin…


Aina vois olla huonomminkin…

Laitetaan nyt sama vielä suomeksikin.

“Mä vihaan mun v*tun elämää. Oon niin luuseri kuin vaan voi olla.

Mä oon 22-vuotias ja töissä pikaruokapaikassa. Tää on mun eka työpaikka enkä kai koskaan saa parempaa. Mun työkaveri kiusaa mua joka päivä. Jos kantelisin mun pomolle, se leikkais mun pientä palkkaa entisestään. Pomo ei v*ttu aattele muuta kuin rahaa.

Vapaa-ajalla en tee mitään. Mun paras frendi on vähän vammanen, mutta kai sekin on parempi ku ei mitään.

Mä rakastan mun naapuria, joka muutti vähän aikaa sitten etelästä. Mutta kai sekin vihaa mua. V*ttu.

Oon jumittunu tähän kaupunkiin koska en oo saanu ajokorttia. Mä munaan mun inssiajon JOKA V*TUN KERTA. S**TANA.

Kaikista pahinta on se, että mä asun ananaksessa merenpohjassa.”


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Always Remember – Things Could Be Worse!

A pair of In-N-Out cheeseburgers.

Image via Wikipedia

I know this guy. He is usually so happy but even he has dark moments.

“I hate my f*cking life. I’m a goddamn failure.

I’m 22 years old and I work at a fast food joint. This is the only job I have ever had I will probably never get a better one. My co-worker verbally harasses me all day. If I told my boss, he would cut my already low salary. All that f*ck face cares about is money.

Outside of work, I don’t do anything. My best friend is mentally retarded, but I suppose that is better than nothing.

I am in love with one of my neighbors who moved in from the south, but I’m sure she hates me too. F*ck.

I’m stuck in my home town because I never learned to drive. I fail the driver’s license test EVERY F*CKING TIME I TAKE IT. F*CK THIS.

Worst of all, I live in a f*cking pineapple under the sea.”


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