New Gear, Part 3…

25 Jan

During the past seven months I’ve bought some new equipment. I could have bought a new iPad but instead, I bought Cubase Elements 7 and Zoom G3 for my PC. I didn’t find a good reason to buy an iPad because this combination is mobile enough for me.

But the bigger problem is finding the time and the inspiration to (once more) listen to the ideas on my phone and on my Dropbox account in order to write new songs. After writing songs for Eternal Tears of Sorrow the same way for fifteen years (recording ideas on the phone / computer and making them into demo songs on Cubase), is it possible for me to find a new way for writing songs? (And that fifteen years is as a matter of fact twenty-three years…)

And it’s not just the way of writing that needs some updating, it’s also the end results. In other words, I (and we) need a new perspective to the songs. We need the eight album to sounds fresh and new.

Well.. IF the eight album ever comes out. For the first time, I’m not sure if there’s going to be another EToS album. I don’t know if all of us will find the time to do it. I don’t know if we get a new record deal that’s good enough for us to record an album in our ways. (The music business has changed and the record companies seem to be poorer than ever…) All I can say that there’s not going to be a new EToS album in 2015 or 2016.

But then again, you never know about our band. In 2001, when our fourth album “A Virgin and a Whore” came out, we were 101% certain it was going to be our last album ever. In 3½ years, we were planning a new album. Things were different then, though. We were sick and tired of the band and each other then. Now we’re just too busy with all the other things that are supposedly more important.

So, if we’ve learned anything from the past, we could say there’s going to be a new EToS album… Sometimes in the future. But EToS has not split up. Neither is it officially on hiatus either. We’re just taking it slow for a while. You know, our chief weapon is surprise. Surprise and fear! No wait, that’s what Monty Python does. Our chief weapons are 1) how much we love music and 2) that most of don’t make music for a living, which gives us a lot of freedom when it comes to making music.

EToS is not a job but it’s not a hobby either. It’s more like a way of life. It’s a bit like a house that we started building a long time ago and now it has seven rooms. And every time I get back to the house I am like ‘oh wow, this building is quite amazing, we could need at least one more room, so let’s see what we can do about it’.

P.S. I finally got rid of Samsung phones. Or technically, my last Samsung phone went dead and therefore got rid of me. Now I’m a happy owner of an LG phone.


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