New Gear… Part 2.

26 Jun

One idea has haunted me for several days, or more like several weeks. Getting new gear. It’s not that my current equipment is broken. It’s just old and, well, boring. And most importantly, it’s not mobile at all. I’ve got an old desktop computer that it’s just too heavy to be carried around. (Besides, I switched from Windows to Linux early this year so I have hardly any music software on my computer…) So, when I’m not at home, I need to record all my ideas with my mobile phone. If I’ve got a guitar, I can record it acoustically. If I don’t have my guitar with me, I need to record my whistling. And because of this, listening to the old ideas can be frustrating. Their quality may be very bad, so the original idea may even get lost or distorted.

So, I’ve slowly come into the conclusion that I need new equipment. I’ve already mentioned Kemper Profiler Amps, which are nice. But for now, I’ve decided to concentrate on something smaller and less expensive: a new, mobile sequencer thingie. I mean an iPad, an audio interface and Cubasis. That would be a bit more than 400 euros (a bit less than 600 USD). That would be the first phase. The second phase would be a new Windows laptop, a new audio interface (conpatible with both iPad and the laptop) and Cubase 7. The third phase would be a Kemper amp that would be nice for both home recording and gigs.

Why am I just writing about these things instead of just buying them? Well, first, I like to plan things like these. And I want to be sure this is selection of equipment would be the best for me. Also, I don’t need the equipment now. At the moment, I’m going through the phase of collecting new ideas. I need to redefine my styles (yes, that’s a plural form) once again. I need new approaches to writing songs for EToS. Carcass did it splendidly with Surgical Steel, so I’m sure I can do it, too. It just needs some time to gather new ideas. In addition, I want to try new styles, new things, new approaches to music as such.

Anyway, here are a couple of videos I’ve watched lately. They’re about making music with iPad and Cubasis. Enjoy (if you’re interested in stuff like this :D)!


One response to “New Gear… Part 2.

  1. Edward

    26.6.2014 at 15:31

    Thank you Jarmo!! I’m in a similar place (will switch to PC laptop and Cubase 7) and making decisions and planning multiple stages. Thanks for introduction to Kemper Profiler amps and Cubasis! Looking forward to your new ideas and EToS!


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