Witherscape – The Inheritance

12 Aug
English: Swedish progressive metal band Nighti...

English: Swedish progressive metal band Nightingale live at Nosturi, Helsinki Deutsch: Schwedische Progressive-Metal-Band Nightingale am 20. März 2008 live im Nosturi, Helsinki (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He looked at the Facebook page once more. “Witherscape. Hmm. This band could be interesting“, he thought with slightly impatient feelings, looking forward what the album would sound like. He had been a Swanö fan ever since 1995, that’s why when he heard Until Eternity Ends EP and Purgatory Afterglow. Still, anything featuring Dan Swanö hadn’t moved him since Moontower (1999), Swanö’s first and only solo album. Had he become old? Or perhaps sick and tired of the music he used to love in his twenties?

Time passed. Finally, at the end of July, the album arrived in his mailbox. He carefully opened the album and started listening to it. He listened to it for more than a week, always when it was possible to do it.

This is Moontower meets Infernal by Edge of Sanity meets Nightingale meets a new element – that must be Ragnar Widerberg, the other member of Witherscape“, he thought, sighed with relief and smiled again. “Progressive rock, death metal, AOR, melodies, growling vocals and clean vocals put together, nice” were his thoughts when the last song ended once again.

Definitely better than Crimson II that sounded like Swanö was trying to sound too hard like Edge of Sanity“, he pondered and stood up from the chair. “Perhaps I’m not so old after all”. He laughed at the stupid thought and got more coffee.

One thing he had forgotten, or consciously ignored: this was not a Swanö album. It was a Swanö-Widerberg album. Just like Pain may be a Tägtgren band but Hypocrisy is a Tägtgren-Hedlund-Horgh band. “A duo instead a solo album, that’s a good idea. An album that would sound 100% like what Swanö had done before would be quite boring in the end. Refreshing.

He went to bed. The Witherscape songs still kept echoing in his head. “Now, that’s really a good album. Not a masterpiece like Moontower. But still an excellent album.” He fell asleep and had a lot of weird dreams, perhaps Moontower or The Inheritance as the soundtrack of his dreams.



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