The Zen of Designing a Website…

29 Nov

EToS Website in 1999

I’ve working on the new Eternal Tears of Sorrow website for a week now. Actually, I’ve always made and taken care of our website, since early 1996. There are two exceptions. The current design (@ was designed by Maurizio Marchetti. And the design slightly before the release of “Before the Bleeding Sun” was done by Jussi Järvenpää.

So yeah, we’ve had a website for almost seventeen years and the forthcoming layout will be ninth or tenth version of our site. This time, we want something much more simple than usually. Nowadays, the bands’ websites aren’t as important as they used to be in say, ten years ago. There are so many services you can get band info at.

So, the layout of the page will be nice and simple. And modern. But the techniques behind the site aren’t that simple. It’s mostly based on jQuery and different free/open-source jQuery plug-ins. It was weird to make the very first demo version of the new website. It looked somewhat rudimentary but still, it had a damn modern feel and I liked it, so I went on with the experiment. Perhaps I’ll use some PHP, too, who knows.

But the point of the website won’t be using as many HTML techniques as I can. It’s not about making it look extreme cool either. I just want to make it simple but nice. Usability is more important looking cool. The quality of information is more important the quantity of information. Less is less. And still, less is more.

Our music has changed in ten, twelve years. That’s why our website must change, too. Just check out how minimal our website was in 2005, after our three-year break: That’s so 2005, or more like so 2000! 😀

But well, anyway… The new EToS website will be released, hmm, when I finish it, when I & we feel like it’s ready. It could be before Christmas or in February.



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