Seasons Change, Time Passes By…

17 Oct

Tomorrow it’s been eighteen years since Eternal Tears of Sorrow entered the mighty Tico-Tico studio for the first time.To celebrate this anniversary, we recorded the final vocal tracks for the forthcoming album last weekend.

And one circle is about to close . Tico is about to move to a new location in the near future, which obviously is a bit sad. By the way, it seems at least some people know and want to know about what we do. Even Blabbermouth

Making this album has taken more time than ever before. We had our first recording session in spring 2011 and now we had the very last one. Writing the songs for A Virgin and a Whore and recording them took only half a year for us. But yeah, bands change and people change and ever since the 3-year break (that took place between 2001 and 2004) took place, we’ve taken things a bit more slowly. But we’ve still got the same attitude: we want our songs to be as good as we can.

All I can say now: the songs have been recorded. Finally. Now it’s time to mix them. And the video and the single will be out soon, we hope.

And now for something completely different: Doctor Who fans, have you ever wondered what Brian Williams thought when he heard his son and daughter-in-law were dead? Well, there is an answer. And a surprise.

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