07 Oct
English: Autumn colours in Pikisaari, Hirvensa...

English: Autumn colours in Pikisaari, Hirvensalo Island, seen from Ruissalo, Turku, Finland Suomi: Syksy Turun Pikisaaressa, Hirvensalossa, kuvattu Ruissalosta Svenska: Höst på Beckholmen i Åbo. Bild tagen från Runsala. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes, a brand new month is amongst us again. And I can feel winter coming. (Now I’m starting to sound like Eddard Stark…) “Rocktober” it is, even though as a word, it sounds a bit cheesy and immature. But it is better than “Mocktober” or stuff…!

So far, 2012 has been a somewhat peculiar year. For myself and Eternal Tears of Sorrow. We’ve been recording our second album for 1½ years now and I suppose the very final recording session will take place in a week. This is the longest gap between two albums ever, if you exclude the years when EToS was inactive. I suppose this happens with most bands. The older you get, the more time it takes to write and complete a new album. But anyway, we hope the single and the video will be released soon. We’ll let you know.

Personally, at the beginning of the year I promised myself this was going to be a damn good year. In a way, it has been a good year. In another way, it’s been quite a ride. Let’s just say I’ve learned almost too much about myself. Once again, I’m starting to know what I want.

Some interesting new bands I’ve found. “New” as in “new to me”. Kansas. Shaolin Death Squad. Panic Room. Pelican. And of course, some of my fave artists and bands have released something new. Devin Townsend, for instance, released Epicloud that is a pretty damn good album.

The Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond

The Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

TV? Well, the seventh series of Doctor Who might be the best DW series ever. And I already miss Amy Pond and Rory Williams. One question remains. Or more. Who is Oswin Oswald? Can the Doctor defeat the Silence? What is the oldest question in the universe and why is it important not to answer it?

I recently watched an interesting documentary about an experiment that took place in California in the late 60s, called “The Third Wave“. If the document is true and the events have not been exaggerated, no democratic society is immune to fascist movements or any extreme movements whatsoever. I’m not the biggest fan of the EU, but it is the “necessary evil” to prevent those things happen again in Europe.

Movies? Hmm. I can’t remember watching a good movie this year. Weird. The Dictator was ok, and so was Men in Black III. Let’s just say the movie of the year will be The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey? The premier is going to be in December, as far as I can remember.

Books? Well, Hardcore Zen is still one of my all-time favourite books and I always try to read at least twice a year. Besides that, I’ve been mostly reading books about the history of the Finnish language and the other Uralic languages. That’s one of my hobbies. And it has given me new views to many things. It is weird to realize Finnish (or any of the early Finnish dialects) wasn’t spoken here in the Oulu area until 1000 years ago. What was this area like 1000 years ago, anyway? That would make an excellent story, or two, or a dozen excellent stories.

Back to the drawing board. Whatever that means. Well, now it means doing the dishes.

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