Holiday, Vacation, Loma, Semester And So On…

27 Apr
People at a Vappu picnic in Kaivopuisto, Helsi...

People at a Vappu picnic in Kaivopuisto, Helsinki, on 1 May 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It looks like the first third of 2012 is almost over and the Finnish Vappu (i.e. Walpurgis Night) is just around the corner. Well, we Finns don’t have bonfires on Vappu but on Easter and on Midsummer. Finnish Vappu is something different. Students get drunk (as always), people make sima and Vappu doughnuts (basically, doughnuts covered in sugar and without the hole in the middle). And I still don’t have any definitive plans for Vappu. But that’s good, that’s the way I like it.

The year has been quite nice so far, actually. I’ve made some mistakes (as usually) and some things I’m really proud of, alone or with other people. One of the things that has made this year fine is a slight change in my attitude. Why should I worry about things if things are not so bad, after all? Seize the day (if possible) and enjoy the moment, that’s a good motto. I don’t have to worry about the past because it’s already done. I don’t have to worry about the future because it cannot be foreseen.

In short, it’s been a nice year so far. Looking forward to the summer!

Anyway, it’s time to get prepared. Tomorrow we’re going to shoot our first official music video ever. Still need to do some music editing with the songs with my Wavelab. And I also need new clothes. Nice.

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