“Death or Ugu?” … “Death It Is! But First: Ugu!”

13 Apr
Gilbert Gottfried - 2008.03.28

Gilbert Gottfried - 2008.03.28 (Photo credit: Stephen Dyrgas)

The title of this post comes from “Dirty Jokes“, a live stand-up performance by Gilbert Gottfried. It provides the dirtiest jokes ever told, or almost. Well, the dirtiest jokes you can tell without getting arrested in most Western countries, anyway. And this one is about two missionaries captured by an African primitive tribe. You can guess the rest. Or perhaps not. I’m not going to write the joke here as it would.. Well, never mind.

Now, an awkward transition. Previously, I wrote about how ridiculous metal bands may seem to people. Well, there actually are headbangers who also do stand-up comedy. One of them is Steve Hughes, an Australian who used to play in Slaughter Lord, Mortal Sin and Nazxul. As some of you may know, Slaughter Lord was the band who had a song “Legion” on their very first demo tape. Almost ten years later, the same song was covered by At The Gates, and it was a wonderful version. For years, I didn’t even realize it wasn’t written by ATG themselves.

Steve isn’t ridiculous, he’s just funny and hilarious. Check out this clip from Steve’s Swedish tour.

I’m going to end this post with an interesting Rammstein cover version. No explanation needed. A perfect warm-up band for Rammstein.

P.S. What about the question “Death or Ugu?” Well, try to find the joke on Youtube. And also, check out Brian Posehn‘s Slayer act.

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