Band of the Month: Chroma Key

06 Apr
Kevin Moore at Balo Stage-Istanbul

Kevin Moore at Balo Stage-Istanbul (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ever since I wrote my first “Band of the Month” post in January, I’ve been listening to so many genres and bands I can only remember a fraction of them. Stoner rock (Mustasch, Queens of the Stone Age, Corrosion of Conformity), heavy metal (Ozzy Osbourne, Judas Priest), progressive rock (Panic Room, Riverside, Wigwam), (dark) ambient (raison d’être, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Kammarheit), trip-hop (Massive Attack) and a lot of artists and bands that are almost impossible to categorize (Ghoul, Chroma Key, Tenacious D, KT Tunstall, Alcest, Lucia Pamela).

After all, it’s not so hard to choose. Take a guy (Kevin Moore) who played in a groundbreaking progressive metal band (Dream Theater) for years, left the band for musical differences, added some ambient elements into his bowl of influences and voilá: Chroma Key was born. ‘Dead Air for Radios‘ (1998) was and still is an excellent, original album that is so much underrated. It was nothing like you could expect from a co-founder of Dream Theater in 1998. Previous year, Dream Theater released “Falling into Infinity“, which was a somewhat watered-down version of the previous albums with more commercial sound, simpler songs and even Desmond Child re-writing one of their songs. Meanwhile, Mr. Kevin Moore was ready to release something completely different, something that would redefine the concept of progressive rock (at least for me).

Dead air for radios indeed.


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